IBD’s Marketing Problem

written by James May 18, 2017

Digestive issues are not the most marketable diseases. We need to rebrand. Crohn’s and colitis along with other digestive issues such as celiac, IBS, leaky gut, etc can be embarrassing to discuss and thus don’t fill much space in the public consciousness and quietly devastate the lives of those afflicted with them. How can it be rebranded or marketed more effectively?
I look at breast cancer as probably the most well marketed disease (that is a strange sentence, but you know what I mean). The subject matter of that disease is just about a million times more marketable than IBD. Show me one human who doesn’t want to rally to fund and find a cure for breast cancer. So many women are affected by it, and so many men love breasts! Even the NFL, the most popular religion in the USA, gets on board to fight breast cancer while their players attempt to murder one another.

To deal with digestive issues you have to have a sense of humor, so how about rebranding IBD accordingly? I suggest “Poopy Problems”.

This clip is an excerpt from the introductory video to the channel ‘Cooking with Crohn’s’ which aims to educate and entertain those suffering from digestive issues and use diet as a tool to manage the disease.

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