Facing Low Moments

written by James May 18, 2017

When battling chronic illness some days are going to beat you down. While you need to stay strong and keep a positive outlook, you can’t maintain that 100% of the time. Some days you need to embrace feeling depressed, and ride it out so you can regroup and pick up your spirits the next day.

It’s like fighting a war. You don’t win by charging forward every battle. Sometimes too many forces are stacked against you and you must retreat. Same goes for chronic disease. Strong morale, and a support systems cheering you on and lifting you up are critical, but some days you’re still going to be sad.

You’ll shout “why me”, and be depressed, and cry, and whatever. Let it out. You need to get it out. That way you can pull yourself together and be strong again the next day.

Your friends and family are critical in this process. Sometimes, as in my case last Friday, a lyft driver is there to hear you out and lift you up.

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