Brown vs White Rice

written by James May 18, 2017

Deep dive into the fast and furious world of rice! Rice is excluded in a gut friendly and obnoxiously healthy diet so let’s talk about it in detail. What is rice, what’s the difference between brown and white rice, can you eat it, should you eat it, what if you have digestive issues?

Should you eat brown or white rice if you have IBD, Crohn’s, colitis, etc?

The nutrition of white and brown rice may be a bit more complex than you think, and things get even hairier if you have a digestive issue. In this video we’ll explain the starchy composition of white rice and how we digest it. I’ll show how humans have evolved to digest starch, but caution that it can still cause us digestive issues.

Brown rice becomes more complex as it is a whole grain which includes not only the endosperm of the grain (the white rice), but also the bran and germ. These bring along some other nutrients as well as fiber which is the key nutritional distinction of brown rice.

We’ll also give an overview of the glycemic index and glycemic load which serve to measure food’s impact on your blood sugar. You’ll be surprised how much white rice can spike some folks blood sugar, and how much the fiber in brown rice counteracts that affect.

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